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APPEX 24 Industry Insights: Brad Grubb, Inspection Systems

In this new content series, Food & Drink Business takes a closer look at the opportunities inherent in the fast-evolving food processing industry, with insights from leaders at companies which have signed up to exhibit at APPEX 24.

This month we speak to Brad Grubb from Inspection Systems.


APPEX 24 Industry Insights: Brad Grubb, Inspection Systems

The Australian manufacturing sector is at a critical juncture as it seeks to grow onshore capacity and capability while remaining globally competitive. With reference to your business, what do you see as a) the key challenges and b) the main growth opportunities inherent to this dynamic sector?

Inspection Systems’ solutions improve product quality, reduce labour costs, and maximise yield, which limits production downtime and reduces waste while maintaining quality. We help manufacturers take better control of their processes, which results in significant cost savings.

While we have faced supply chain disruptions, we have taken proactive measures to mitigate the impact, and we are starting to see improvements in this area. Despite these challenges, we remain committed to providing the highest level of service to our customers and are confident that our proactive approach will continue to pay dividends in the future.


What role has automation played in growing your business and advancing your customers production performance?

Automation has significantly grown our business and advanced our customers’ production performance. Our automated solutions cover everything from farm processing sheds to final package sealing. These systems help reduce costs, improve efficiency, and ensure compliance with guidelines and regulations. By preventing human error, they also prevent costly product recalls. Overall, automation has transformed our ability to offer a broader range of solutions and services.


What innovative technology/product/solution has your company brought to market recently that sets you apart from your competitors?

Inspection Systems has introduced the QcifEye system to the Australian nut processing industry. This AI-driven system monitors quality and removes impurities in real-time, resulting in a streamlined and efficient processing line. By eliminating the need for human inspection, the system reduces labour costs and delivers an ROI of less than a year. The QcifEye system is a cost-effective solution that benefits processors and enhances their overall production performance.


 Inspection Systems has introduced the QcifEye system to the Australian nut processing industry.


Working with your customers, what key trends are you observing unfold in the Australasian food and beverage processing sector?

Obtaining production data from equipment primarily installed for another purpose is increasingly seen as a valuable advantage. If the equipment can provide this dual capability, it makes the capital investment more justifiable for our customers. Moreover, we have observed an increase in requests for machinery that is OPC-UA compatible.


APPEX is a new, all-encompassing trade show for the processing and packaging industry. Your company has signed up as an exhibitor at the inaugural show in March 2024, what made it a compelling platform for your business?

For us, it was an obvious decision to organise a trade show that brings our industry together and is controlled by those with a vested interest in it. We are delighted to host the event in Melbourne, which is the most suitable venue in Australia for this purpose. We are confident that this trade show will be highly beneficial for everyone involved.

APPEX 2024 will be taking place from 12-15 March at the MCEC in Melbourne. 


Author: Kim Berry - Food & Drink Business - Click here to view the Original article.

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