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Reduce waste and extend shelf life with sustainable packaging

Australia is on a roadmap to a better and more sustainable way of life and is currently ranking 35th on the global climate change. Striving to contribute less and make an impact, machinery manufacturers are continuously developing new and innovative solutions to minimise wastage and maximum recycling and composting opportunities. Perfect Automation support the market change and offer a range of solutions that fit within the new scheme of environmental change.

Cardboard Cartoning to replace plastic wastage – a smart cost-effective solution

Introducing our ICE Carton Sleever, this machine is one of our best sustainable alternatives to existing plastic packaging for produce. The carton sleeve is completely recyclable and offers product protection while still allowing the consumer visibility of the produce. Offering ultimate flexibility, this machine can handle a range of varying product sizes, accommodating production line changeovers and eliminating the need for multiple machines. Engineered for precision, product care is achieved with a carton picker that then places your product in single or multi-packed sustainable packaging.

Sustainable solutions for extended shelf life products

Leepack Pouch Machines are engineered with innovative technology that allows for the flexibility of pouch application and changeover of pouch configurations. Forging the way for sustainable packaging solutions, our Leepack machines can handle a variety of pouch types including home compostable pouches.

Offering a unique solution, home compostable premade pouches breakdown in compost bins instead of adding to our landfill. With developing resources home compostable pouches are even finding a solution for resealable zipper closures, offering the consumer product longevity with no added wastage to our environment.

Pouch Machines are designed for any type of production line and can operate as single, duplex, or quadruple stations to meet distribution demands and even allow for vacuum pouches. With Leepack’s innovative technologies these machines also offer advanced sealing solutions such as ultra-sonic sealing.

Watch a demonstration of the Leepack Pouch Machine using their Australian certified home compostable pouches at Perfect Automation’s stand B070.

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