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23 Nov 2023

5 Reasons why Herma 500 label applicator is a perfect solution for your business

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5 Reasons why Herma 500 label applicator is a perfect solution for your business
HERMA 500 – For all labeling applications

Interruption-free labeling thanks to the HERMA 500’s redundancy function

Reliable, non-stop labeling is now available with our newly integrated redundancy function on the HERMA 500. This means that at the end of a roll or in the event of another fault, two HERMA 500 applicators connected in series can take turns, since they communicate directly with one another.

  1. Using Innovative technologies Herma 500 offers excellent performance specifications, very flexible integration options, compelling connectivity, and simple operation. Runs both vertically and horizontally.
  2. Due to its unprecedented versatility and compact design offer fast and easy integration into any production line even if very little space is available. The control unit is directly built into the device; therefore, a switch cabinet is not necessary.
  3. The HERMA 500 offers innovation by allowing users to manage, maintain, and parametrise the machine using an Internet web browser. It responds to remote controls and can be easily connected to an upstream controller. In order to achieve the best visibility and readability in every circumstance, the 11 cm touchscreen with easy guiding can be rotated in three 90° increments. It responds to finger pressure really well.
  4. The HERMA 500 is a heart of labeller that labels at speeds of base 40 m/m, medium 80 m/m, and up to 200 m/min. It may be customised to meet the needs of any business, including the pharmaceutical, cosmetics, food and beverage, and many other sectors.
  5. The HERMA 500 may produce a greater feed rate than its predecessor, the H400, even with mechanical unwind and rewind units, at 50 m/min as opposed to 40 m/min.

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