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23 Jan 2024

Floveyor launches Tubular Drag Conveyor Distribution System

Floveyor Stand: E186
Floveyor launches Tubular Drag Conveyor Distribution System
A photo of Floveyor’s tubular drag conveyor (TDC), which is at the heart of their new TDC Distribution System.

Floveyor has launched their latest evolution in powder handling, the Tubular Drag Conveyor (TDC) Distribution System. It’s designed for bulk powder handling for complex routes and multiple discharge points like those often found in packaging systems. The TDC Distribution System is a natural choice for industries like food and beverage, chemical processing, manufacturing, and critical minerals.

The TDC is designed for any industry that needs safe, reliable, and gentle handling of powders, granules, seeds, pellets, flakes, grains, beads, mixes, and blends. Like their aero-mechanical conveyor (AMC), Floveyor’s drag conveyors use a fully enclosed system to deliver a stringent level of cleanliness and safety.

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