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23 Nov 2023

Hungry Jack’s UNO 3 – the best just got BETTER!

Result Group Stand: E030
Hungry Jack’s UNO 3 – the best just got BETTER!
Hungry Jack's UNO Promotion

For the third year in a row, Result Group has partnered with Hungry Jack’s as a technical provider and manufacturer of the game’s micro labels for the Hungry Jack’s UNO Campaign.

Overall, the technology delivery is similar to prior years, with one significant exception: the adoption of the new traceability solution, provided by the new Result Group’s partner, which enabled expanded possibilities and enhanced interaction with customers due to interoperability, so improving the game.


The material selected for the labels gave the game pieces a similar look and feel to actual UNO™ cards and was easy for the consumer to remove and play the instant win game. The label ‘layers’ peeled off easily leaving the proper label layer behind (i.e. middle or base). The labels / tickets include elements to ensure customer comprehension on the winning/non-winning prizes, way to redeem and importantly mitigate fraudulent claims.

The production of the label components involves both conventional flexographic and digital printing presses and then a specialised converting system to bring the game piece together. The latter enabled mass customisation of the cards via digital technology, allowing elements such as text and graphics to be changed from one printed card to the next without stopping or slowing down the printing process. This is all made possible with the Antares Platform DIAMIND, formally lunched at Interpack recently.


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