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Aurora Process

Stand: G120

Filling. Closing. Conveying. Palletizing. Wrapping/Hooding. Servicing.

Aurora is here to help your business get ahead, turn your manufacturing into a competitive advantage and unlock potential through everyday packaging automation and robotics.

Increase production. Increase accuracy. Increase efficiency. Reduce HR Cost & Risk. Increase quality & reliability.

Australasia wide. Lets go.


McPherson Road
Smeaton Grange
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  • Automatic high-speed bagging machine for open mouth bags with gusset forming. The ILERSAC W has been specifically designed to reliably handle, fill and close polypropylene bags at high speed
  • The FUJI EC was released as a next generation model and designed to meet both high speed and heavy-duty applications. It is able to economically cover a wide range of production requirements. Programm ...
  • A Pallet Hooder is the ideal solution to stabilize, weatherproof and handle unstable loads. Add value to your finished product through increased waterproofing and better final pallet aesthetics.
  • We have a large range or full auto and semi auto pallet wrappign systems. Pallet sheets, top sheets, dispensors, labellers etc. Turntable, Rotary, Ring and more.  
  • High capacity high-level layer forming palletizer for overlapping bags. This unit provides excellent pallet presentation. Its palletizing gripper runs alongside a telescopic bag delivery belt, unloadi ...
  • The Automatic Ilersac V Valve bagger is a high-speed unit used to fill a wide variety of powder and granular products into valve bags. Total automation of the bagging process at speed.
  • The G10 Gross weight bagging scale is loaded with standard features. This scale is very easy to use. The operator sets the weight and hangs the bag. The unit clamps the bag in place, fills, checks the ...
  • The state-of-the-art Hot Air Sealer SH1000 proves Fischbein-Saxon’s supremacy in hot air sealers technology. Integrate with Aurora’s conveying and conditioning accessories for efficient bag closing. T ...
  • Aurora’s ACS-H10 is designed to deliver reliable and smooth bag and sack sewing performance with low vibration in demanding environments. Featuring a robust and compact design, Model 100 Standard Sew ...
  • The AFO-B10 Belt Packer is designed to fill a wide range of granular or fibrous materials into open mouth bags and containers. The AFO-B10 Belt Packer uses a single belt feeder and gross weigher syste ...


  • Aurora end of line packaging equipment - Filling.Closing.Palletizing. Wrapping & Hooding.Service.10g to 1ton packages. Bags.Sacks. Cartons.
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