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BluePrint Automation

Stand: E104

BluePrint Automation (BPA) is specialized in secondary case packing. The company manufactures case and tray packing solutions for flexible and other tough-to-handle packages such as doypacks, pillow bags and four-sided sealed bags, using different packing technologies including gravity, pick and place, wrap-around and vision guided robotics.


Carrosserieweg 3
3445 BC
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  • Wraparound 200

    14 Nov 2023
    Wrap around case packing for vertical packing patterns BPA offers excellent wrap around case packers. The Wraparound 200  is a highly flexible, modern, servo controlled vertical case packer. It distin ...
  • Compact high speed case packing solution for automatic forming, vertical loading and closing of cases or trays with snack bags The new SnackMaster 200 series is the ultimate compact packaging machine ...
  • Case Packer with Vision Provides Versatility in Packaging   The Spider 300v is a two-robot case loading system with vision allowing processors and co-packers to pack both vertical and horizontal on th ...
  • High Speed Vertical and Horizontal Case Packing The GANTRY 300 SWING offers a large variety in case packing options, now and for any future expansions you may require. The GANTRY 300 SWING is capable ...
  • High-Speed Top Loading of Flexible Bags into Cases with an Automatic Case Packing System The GRAVITY 100R is a popular and quite impressive automatic case packing system. It is often used in the froze ...


  • In this video you will see BluePrint Automation (BPA) Secondary Packaging solutions for the Snack Industry. BPA designs, constructs, delivers and maintains secondary packaging solutions for the snack ...


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