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Eriez is a leading manufacturer of process, inspection and metal contaminant removal systems. Our range of leading-edge metal detectors, magnetic separators and vibratory feeders, screeners and conveyors are designed to compliment and safeguard your product and process lines. Eriez is recognized as global leader in separation technologies.


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  • Eriez’ feature-rich, multi-frequency Metal Detector is designed to achieve the highest levels of sensitivity to detect small ferrous and non-ferrous metal contaminants in sanitary and non-sanitary env ...
  • Eriez’ offers standard magnetic plates, grates, traps and tubes.  Magnets are available at three different degrees of magnetic strength, enabling professionals in diverse industries to choose the idea ...
  • Eriez continues to lead the industry by advancing Rare Earth permanent magnet technology to the highest level ever with the company's new and improved Xtreme RE7 Tube Circuit, which proved to be 13 to ...
  • Eriez’ wide range of vibratory equipment is designed for the unique needs of the food manufacturing and packaging industry. We offer a complete line of vibratory products to convey, screen and feed ma ...
  • Eriez' PolyMag additives impart Metal Detectability, X-Ray Contrast and Magnetic Susceptibility into plastic moldings to prevent plastic contaminated food products from reaching the consumer. Eriez pr ...
  • Eriez has developed standard test equipment for determining the relative strength of magnetic separation equipment and when properly used will help monitor the efficiency of your separator by measurin ...
  • Eriez conducts equipment audits for all types of food manufacturing operations across Australia and New Zealand, using procedures that are compliant with recognized International Food Safety Standards ...


  • In this video, Eriez explains the impact of "product effect" in relation to detecting foreign metal, and how the Metal Detector is well-suited for adjusting and customizing detection parameters to inc ...


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