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Since 1947 Fiorini has been making Industrial Paper Bags
that not only contain products, but also transport, enhance and protect.

Products from the Food, Milk Powder, Chemical, Feed, Seed and Construction sectors.

Numerous International Certifications testifying to the value of Fiorini bags, especially for sensitive worlds such as food and chemical:
BRCGS Packaging Materials, FSSC22000, HALAL and KOSHER.

70% Export worldwide with over 35 states involved and outposts in Europe, America and Oceania.

Industry leaders as customers.

Fiorini is also Europe's leading manufacturer of bags without a built-in paper mill.

Among its main Hi-Tech products MoistShield® is the special patented sack made just with paper,
without any plastic layer, but with high hydrophobic properties. MoistShield® it is a plastic free sack
and a real Monomaterial Eco-Friendly Sack

But above all, Fiorini is a company that shares part of its gross profit with its employees,
because everyone gets credit for the results.

Fiorini’s primary goals include caring for people, protecting the environment, and re-educating people on the fundamental importance of packaging to maintain the original value of products.


Via Giambattista Fiorini 25
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  • MoistShield is a patented Fiorini Hi-Tech Sack created by Fiorini R&D Laboratories.  MoistShield is plastic free with high hydrophobic properties, more resistant than a standard paper sack with a plas ...
  • Latte is Fiorini’s paper sack with PE Tube.  A latest-gen tech top-quality sack wich guarantees all the safety necessary to protect sensitive products.  Milk Powder, Chemical, High Values Products.  E ...
  • Hipster is the new cutting-edge sack Two bags in one! The ease-of-use of the Open Mouth Sack joined the safety and the speed of the Ultrasonic Sealing Valve. _No product dispertion _Better preservatio ...
  • C-in is the Fiorini Window Sack that allows you to make your product visible and enhance it, increasing your customer’s trust and facilitating the purchase.  It is a Monomaterial sack, more resistant ...


  • They have been telling you for years that it's what's inside the "Sack" that counts. We have done our very best to think up, design and manufacture packaging with ever improving performance.  OUR SACK ...
  • MoistShield® is one of Fiorini’s Hi-Tech Sack. MoistShield® is a special patented sack made just with paper, without any plastic layer, but with high hydrophobic properties.The water is not retained b ...
  • LATTE is Fiorini's Paper Sack with PE Tube. A latest-gen tech top-quality sack which allows Fiorini to guarantee all the safety necessary to protect sensitive food.
  • A real overview on a paper industrial sack production


  • If you are interested at #The2025Targets - Australia Packaging Covenant Organisation (APCO), Fiorini can find the perfect solution for you! The packaging is essential for a product! A high-quality pro ...


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