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Hylec Controls

Stand: E200

Hylec Controls - a premier supplier of testing and measurement solutions catering to packaging & manufacturing industries across Australasia, since 1979. Hylec Controls thrives in delivering quality, reliable test equipment. Our team of adept engineers conduct commissioning, installation, and repair work -  as well as regular maintenance to supplied equipment.


8 Melissa Street
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  • At APPEX 2024, the following products will be showcased: Box Compression 501 Series: Function: Designed for measuring the compression strength of cartons or other packaging containers. Capacity Option ...
  • At APPEX 2024, the following products will be showcased: Spout Sealing Machines: Automatic Casing and Heat Sealing: These machines are designed for the automatic casing and heat sealing of spouts on v ...
  • At APPEX 2024, the Modified Atmosphere Refrigerator GQ range will be showcased, featuring: Storage and Preservation Testing: Primarily designed for storing and testing the preservation of fruits, vege ...
  • At APPEX 2024, the Electrodynamic Shaker will be showcased, offering a range of features and benefits: Vibration Simulation: The shaker can simulate vibration for product testing and stress screening ...
  • Hylec Controls' Gas Permeability Analyser N500L: The N500L Gas Permeability Analyser operates on the principles of the differential pressure method. Applications Film: Gas permeability test for film m ...
  • Hylec Controls' Heat Seal Tester GBB-A1 Evaluates the heat seal temperature range, heat seal strength, suitable heat seal speed & heat seal pressure for a diverse range of materials such as plastic fi ...
  • Hylec Controls' Tear Resistance Tester GBD-S The GBD-S Tear Resistance Tester, utilising the Elmendorf method, is primarily designed for measuring tear resistance in paper and film. This versatile tes ...
  • Hylec Controls' Coefficient of Friction Tester GM-FB: Features Versatile Testing Tailored for measuring the static friction coefficient, dynamic friction coefficient & peel strength of a diverse range ...


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