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Jiangsu Juhong Strapping Manufacturing Co., ltd.

Stand: G160

Juhong strapping is the leading manufacturing of metal strap, PET strap, strapping seal and stretch film with over 20 years experience.


No. 32 North Youyi Road, Zouqu, Zhonglou
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  • A strapping dispenser is a tool or machine designed to facilitate the dispensing and handling of strapping material, making it easier to apply and secure packaging straps efficiently.
  • A strapping machine is an automated device used to efficiently and securely apply strapping material, such as plastic or steel straps, around packages or items for packaging and bundling purposes.
  • Strapping seal is a small metal device used to secure the ends of a strapping material, such as steel or polyester strapping, to create a strong and secure seal for packaging and bundling purposes.
  • PET strap is a type of polyester strapping material used for securing and bundling items in packaging and logistics applications
  • Metal strap is a strong and durable packaging material made from thin metal bands, commonly used to tightly secure heavy loads and industrial products for shipping and storage.


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