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PAYPER, a leader in packaging solutions for bulk solids, manufactures cutting-edge, complete bagging lines tailored to your exact needs. From precise dosing, over bagging and palletising to pallet protection, we deliver efficient, dependable machinery catering to diverse production capacities, whether high or low automation levels.

Our product range encompasses:

  • The industry's most precise weighing systems.
  • High-performance automatic bagging machines for open-mouth, valve, and FFS-tubular bags, along with Big Bag filling stations.
  • A diverse selection of robot and conventional palletizers ensuring top-notch pallet stability.
  • Comprehensive end-of-line solutions, including wrapping and stretch hood machines, for ideal finishing and protection.

With a global presence spanning 75+ countries, PAYPER has been chosen for over 4,000 projects across various sectors, from agro-food to chemical and construction industries, backed by 50 years of market experience.

Our 150+ skilled professionals worldwide provide swift support throughout the product's lifecycle. Our efficient sales and service network, comprising 8 subsidiaries and an extensive agent network, stands ready to address all your inquiries.

Contact us to schedule a meeting at our stand and discover the future of bulk solids packaging.


Pol. Ind. "Vinyes del Mig", parc. 12-14
Bell-lloc d'Urgell
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  • Electronic net weighers are robust, fast and accurate.No matter the nature of the product, free-flowing or not, powdery, flakes or granulates, PAYPER has the appropriate weighing & dosing solution
  • Open Mouth Bagging Solution – complete, modern, precise, automatic bagger suitable for the high requirements in e.g. the Pet Food Sector. Adapts to each manufacturer’s special conditions: bag types, p ...
  • The newest FFS bagging machine from PAYPER has been specially developed for the fast filling of bags with free-flowing products, such as granules, plastic pellets and fertilizer prills. Fills up to an ...
  • Valve bags have an infinite number of applications. Powdery products or even blends of powders and granulates can easily be packed in valve bags by means of PAYPER’s unique fluidization technology. An ...
  • The ideal solution for transporting and storage of most bulk materials like Chemicals, Plastic pellets, Fertilizers, Seeds, Building materials and Food products. PAYPER offers a wide range of filling ...
  • The ALL-IN-ONE robot is one of the market’s most compact solutions for automatic bagging and palletizing. The robot handles the whole process: It picks up the empty bag, it presents the bag to the fil ...
  • PAYPER’s Scara palletizing robot is the perfect tool for the automatization of your end-of-line process. This fully automatic palletizing robot carries out all the necessary steps for your bags to for ...
  • The most flexible solution for systems where the machinery footprint is critical. The gripping head combines the different functions of palletization as it is able to pick and place bags, empty pallet ...
  • Perfect pallets for lower volumes. Low infeed-palletizer, LLP, for up to 1,100 bags/hour. It has the same benefits and features as one of our high-end palletizers. Still, the LLP is specially ideated ...
  • Totally stable pallets with PAYPER’s modern high infeed-palletizer, model HLP. It allows for different layer patterns and is capable of handling up to 2,800 bags/hour.  It is a very sturdy and robust ...
  • Fully automatic stretch hooding ensures the stability of even unstable pallet loads: Adds safety during transport and storage. Perfect protection from dust and moisture.  


  • PAYPER: Manufacturer of complete bagging lines. Visit our factory and see our comprehensive tailor-made solutions working. Dosing, Weighing, Bagging, Palletizing and Overwrapping  
  • We present one of our recent automatic packaging lines, designed to optimize and streamline the process of bagging, palletizing, and stretch_hooding for our client from the petrochemical_industry.
  • ASSAC U20, PAYPER’s FFS_bagging machine capable of filling up to 2,600 bags/hour.
  • High level palletizer, row push-type. 
  • The CSA-165 is the state-of-the-art bagging solution for open-mouth bags.



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