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Propel Flexibles has been at the forefront of labelling and flexible packaging for two decades, earning your confidence across diverse industries. Situated in Sivakasi, our 16,560 sqm manufacturing facility offers 6,000+ ton production capacity, ensuring reliability and efficiency.

Our mission:superior products, adaptable services, and ongoing innovation, with international exports to 25 countries. Committed to sustainability, we minimise environmental impact through resource efficiency and recycling initiatives.

Our specialized key products are PVC Shrink Films, PETG Shrink Films, Laminated Rolls, Standy Pouch, Retort Pouch, Spout Pouch, Biodegradable Pouch, Al Foil Pouch, Eco Friendly bags etc

We have sales support located in Sydney.



37, Setaria Street
Marsden Park
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  • Introduce your design theme and elevate it with the addition of a shape-cut option, enhancing both functionality and the overall appearance of your products.
  • Bring in your design theme and enhance them with a shape cut design
  • Overall Shrink Sleeve

    03 Mar 2024
    Sleeve featuring laser perforations for easy tear navigation.
  • Elevate your creativity by integrating a pouch with a shaped cut to add dynamism and enhance the visual appeal of your product.
  • Enhance your creativity by incorporating a shaped window positioned in a specific area of your pouch.
  • Laminated Reel

    02 Mar 2024
    Reels designed to run on you machines. They also come in mono-material structures.
  • Propel successfully launches recyclable PE pre-made pouches, enhancing the eco-friendly benefits of pouches. These recyclable pouches, available in white or natural film or with metallic look. PE film ...
  • Retort Pouch

    02 Mar 2024
    A retort pouch is designed to withstand high temperatures and pressures, making it ideal for preserving and sterilising food and beverages. Retort pouches are commonly used for packaging ready-to-eat ...
  • Flat Bottom Bag

    02 Mar 2024
    Flat bottom pouch revolutionises packaging with its stable, space-efficient design, ideal for various products. Featuring a flat base and four vertical panels, it stands upright on shelves, maximising ...
  • Stand up Pouch

    15 Feb 2024
    Supporting your product in an upright position without the need for rigid jars, cans, or cartons, stand-up pouches are tailored for consumer convenience, portability, and effortless access to your del ...
  • A multi-chamber pouch features separate compartments for liquid and powder contents. When pressure is applied, the pouch's middle seam opens, allowing the contents to mix. This innovative design ensur ...
  • Rotisserie Bag

    05 Feb 2024
    Rotisserie chicken bags serve as a convenient packaging solution for grocers to encase piping-hot, freshly-prepared rotisserie chickens, transforming them into easily transportable, ready-to-eat meals ...
  • Shrink Sleeve Labels

    05 Feb 2024
    Discover the Expertise of Our Shrink Sleeve Label Specialists – With Over 18 Years in Crafting Top-Quality, Highly Demanded Shrink Sleeve Solutions
  • OPP Roll-on Labels

    15 Feb 2024
    Designed primarily for single-serve PET beverage bottles, OPP Wrap Around Labels are a cost-effective solution for high-volume customers. OPP wrap Around Labels combine the benefits of shrink sleeve l ...


  • A leak tester is a crucial tool for assessing the integrity of flexible packaging liquid pouches. It detects potential leaks by pressurising the pouches and observing any escaping air or liquid. This ...
  • Solvent-free lamination, an eco-friendly process for flexible packaging, eliminates harmful solvents, reducing emissions and air pollution. It conserves energy and resources, ensuring workplace safety ...
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