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Protection Experts Australia

Stand: F101

At Protection Experts Australia, we provide solutions to safeguard your valuable goods from oxygen exposure, moisture intrusion, and transit-related damage. Our container and packaging solutions, including desiccants and oxygen absorbers, preserve the integrity of your cargo. We also carry a selection of lashing and strapping materials, dunnage bags and removalist blankets.


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  • Oxygen Absorbers

    07 Nov 2023
    The 504 Oxygen Absorber is a multi-purpose iron-based oxygen absorber. It is non-toxic, food safe and eliminates the oxidation of food. It contains iron powder, active carbon powder, salt, diatomite g ...
  • ABSORGEL® Shipping Container Desiccant is a simple and safe product in the form of 5 gel pads sewn together. It is ideal for cargo shipments where non-liquid collection is preferred. A unique hanging ...
  • Transformer Breathers

    07 Nov 2023
    The R Series Transformer Breathers that, are manufactured from UV stabilised poly-carbonate and available in three different sizes. The clear polycarbonate body allows for clear visibility of the indi ...
  • Indicating Silica Gel

    07 Nov 2023
    Silica Gel traps water vapour to prevent rust, corrosion, mould, mildew, spoilage, fogging and condensation when used within closed spaces. Silica Gel does not become wet, or swell in size as it works ...
  • The Gel 1kg desiccant is a powerful container desiccant. Using a calcium chloride and starch mixture each 1kg bag can capture 3 litres of moisture. Calcium chloride is a hygroscopic salt able to attra ...
  • Dunnage Bag

    07 Nov 2023
    Dunnage airbags are used in containers, closed rail cars, trucks and ships and manage the movement of cargo by bracing the loads, filling voids, protecting cargo from in-transit damage and absorbing v ...
  • Compressed Wood Pallets, also known as Presswood Pallets, are made from a variety of wood by-products, including scrap pallets, wood waste, wood shavings, and sawdust. They are compressed into a mould ...


  • Shipping Desiccant Options

    14 Nov 2023 Yolanda Bacon
    Shipping desiccant options differ by active ingredient from Gel through to mineral and clay. Desiccants feature hooks, adhesive pads and grommets which offer a variety of installation options.


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