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13 Feb 2024

Beckhoff Vision to be Showcased at APPEX 2024

Beckhoff Automation Stand: D025
Beckhoff Vision to be Showcased at APPEX 2024
Vision range

Beckhoff Automation, one of Australia’s leading PC-based control specialists, will use APPEX 2024 as a platform to highlight its Vision range. The aim of Beckhoff Vision is to bring vision and automation technology together through system integration for all environments. 


With Beckhoff Vision, real-time image processing can be easily integrated and synchronised with all machine and plant processes. In addition, Beckhoff Vision components deliver a robust and attractive design, scalability and long-term availability.


“It’s really exciting that we have the opportunity to showcase physical hardware at this year’s show. The range consists of cameras, optics, illuminations, complete units, software and accessories - not forgetting training and support which form part-and-parcel,” comments Nick Psahoulias, Managing Director for Beckhoff Australia. 


The complete Vision system is applicable for industrial use and offers a host of benefits, including: 


-        Synchronising with all control processes.

-        Consistent interaction with all other components. 

-        Implementation of standard automation applications. 

-        Illumination integrated unit can be integrated or sold separately.


Perhaps one of the biggest benefits of them all is the cost savings. “By directly integrating Vision project planning into your environment, you can reduce engineering and hardware costs while enjoying easy system integration and commissioning” says Nick.


 Vision Hardware Unpacked


Cameras: “In a nutshell, these IP65/67 area scan cameras use colour and monochrome CMOS sensors with up to 24 megapixel resolution to generate high-quality image materials for industrial image processing.”


A wide portfolio of established Sony sensors with 3.45 µm and 2.74 µm pixel pitch is available for different vision tasks and image analysis functions. With their high frame rates and rapid 2.5 Gbit/s image data transmission, these industrial cameras are ideal for automated visual inspection tasks and precise product tracking in EtherCAT-synchronized applications.

Optics: “These robust industrial-grade lenses offer a host of benefits.”


The high-resolution lenses found in the VOS2000 and VOS3000 series can be used universally thanks to the C-mount connection thread. They are ideal for use in harsh industrial environments thanks to their robust and easy-to-mount design. 


In addition to being easy to adjust, the focus and fixed aperture can be easily and precisely locked using compact screws. Similarly, both lens series feature a broadband anti-reflection coating for the visible spectrum (VIS) and near infrared region (NIR) from 420 nm to 1050 nm, which is perfectly adapted to the multicolour LED illumination. 


Illumination: “Illumination supports EtherCAT-based applications,” comments Nick.


The multicolour LED illumination in three designs – area, ring, and bar light – produces constant illumination conditions for consistently high-quality images. This provides an indispensable basis for precise evaluations when processing images. The illumination creates the best possible contrast between the inspection feature and its surroundings – even in spectrally adjustable pulse mode.


Vision Unit Illuminated (VUI): Says Nick: “This is a compact unit that consists of a camera, illumination and focusable optics, complete with liquid lens technology.”


It significantly reduces installation and commissioning labour and, thanks to focus adjustment during runtime, it is particularly well-suited for work with changing component heights, as is common in logistics applications. What’s more, all functional components are encased in elegant IP65/67 anodized aluminium housing.


Accessories: “We support the range with pre-assembled cables and vision-specific accessories,” he explains.


When it comes to pre-assembled cables, Beckhoff combines power supply, signal and data communication in one connector. Hybrid cables are also available in application specific sizes, and performance classes. 


Vision-specific accessories include products for mounting the hardware and accessories for extended use of the optical components.


TwinCAT Vision: “This is software for industrial machine vision,” says Nick.


TwinCAT Vision is an integrated image processing solution. This addition underscores the increasing importance of image processing as a quality factor across mechanical engineering, particularly in applications like Industry 4.0, quality optimisation and track-and-trace. 


We are so excited about showcasing TwinCAT Vision, amongst various other stand-out offerings to visitors at the expo. This will be our first time showcasing and we are excited to engage with members of industry” he concludes.

Visit Beckhoff Automation at APPEX (stand D025) from 12 to 15 March 2024.

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