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19 Feb 2024

Beverage Can Filler & Seamer by Angelus (a BW company)

BW Packaging Stand: B090
Beverage Can Filler & Seamer by Angelus (a BW company)

Pneumatic Scale Angelus (a BW Packaging Co) is now offering its CB100R full rotary canning line here in Australia at APPEX 24 on Stand B090. This compact line runs at 100+ CPM and couples a 12-head rotary counter-pressure filling turret with a 3-spindle rotary Angelus seamer. This marks the sixth year since 2017 that PSA has launched an innovation into the craft beverage space. The CB100R serves anyone wanting to can beer, seltzer, carbonated soft drinks, etc., at carbonation levels up to 4.1 vols (8 g/l) CO2.

“The full rotary system means we’re able to increase the number of cans traveling through the system, maintaining high seam integrity without increasing product agitation,” said Gordon Wood, General Manager for Australia. “This allows us to eliminate unwanted reductions in carbonation seen with other filling methods.” Precision magnetic flowmeters ensure filling accuracy, with little to no waste. Wood says, “The addition of the rotary seamer means we achieve faster speeds in a smaller footprint. This is great for brewers who want to increase production without requiring additional space, often already at a premium.”

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