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20 Nov 2023

Sustainable Linerless solution - Herma Inner Liner

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Sustainable Linerless solution - Herma Inner Liner
Herma InNo Liner
Linerless labelling is your next sustainable solution

The Herma InNo Liner system, winner of the Worldstar Awards 2024 and recipient of Gold in the PIDA 2023 Sustainable Packaging Design of the Year and Silver in the Labelling and Decoration Design of the Year, has garnered significant industry recognition. Its adoption by Hanes Australasia is a strategic move towards their goal of achieving zero waste in operations by 2025.

This linerless technology brings substantial economic advantages by lowering waste disposal and freight costs. The elimination of liners from label rolls can cut freight expenses by up to 50%, enhancing both financial and environmental sustainability. The Herma InNo Liner system, which replaces the waste liner in traditional labelling methods with millions of tonnes of sustainable alternatives, is a groundbreaking solution.

The Result Group, Herma's long-standing partner, takes pride in distributing and supporting this cutting-edge technology in Australia and New Zealand. Hanes Australasia's implementation of Herma labelling equipment in their Distribution Centre is a shining example of innovative sustainability practices, illustrating the transformative potential of new technologies.

Representing a major step forward in sustainable labelling, the Herma InNo Liner system, offered exclusively in Australia and New Zealand by Result Group, showcases the future of the industry. With its prestigious awards and Hanes Australasia's trailblazing implementation, the system is an inspiration for businesses to consider its environmental and financial impacts as a revolutionary technology.

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