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The development and validation of new sustainable packaging materials

17 May 2022

The Sustainable Packaging Research Group at VU is working on developing eco-friendly packaging made from agricultural waste. This presentation will discuss:

  • The creation of functional biopackaging materials that are biodegradable by using local agricultural wastes or by-products. Both the physico-mechanical and end-of-life (compostability, environmental degradation) performance of the materials will be evaluated using state-of-the art laboratory techniques
  • Develop and apply novel methods to characterise and simulate the random shocks and vibrations that occur during the transportation to ensure that the new packaging materials are fit-for-purpose
  • The establishment of the Australian Packaging Innovation Laboratory at VU.

Join this sessions to understand:

  • Important consideration for using bio-polymers for packaging applications
  • Better characterisation of distribution hazards to optimise packaging design
  • Why using laboratory tests for packaging compliance and development is important

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