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Future sustainability for retailers and food packaging companies – improve your environmental footprint AND your competitive edge

20 May 2022

In an age where sustainability is top of line - but where regulations and certifications are constantly changing - how is your company ensuring the decisions you make today can improve both your environmental footprint and competitive edge in the future? Join Dr. Morgan Wyatt, CEO of Greenlid Sustainable Products, as he shares his story from his start on Dragons’ Den (Canadian Shark Tank) to now. Learn how he has helped major North American retailers and others transition to sustainable products for the benefit of the environment, profitability and internal management. Hear insights into global, national and regional considerations when determining future product lines, the hidden profit values in marketing these changes, quantifying your impact and saving time and money in the future. In this session you will explore:

  • Packaging and product trends in retail and food service in North America and beyond
  • Redefining terms such as recyclability and compostability
  • Protecting your brand and customers from dangerous chemicals and bad PR
  • Leveraging planogram and sustainable product decisions for hidden values
  • Material considerations when selecting your new sustainable packaging
  • The pathway to a successful transition from unsustainable to sustainable 

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