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PFAS in Compostable Packaging and how to become PFAS Free Certified

17 May 2022

PFAS hit the headlines a number of years ago due to the harmful health and environmental impact and toxicity of its 9,500 chemical compounds. But just how far has PFAS Free come and what solutions are out there that don’t just provide a stop gap (eg compostable plastics)?

Join Dr Wyatt as he shares his insights from working with 14,000+ retailers and a global network of partners in Australia, Europe, the UK and North America on a global standard for PFAS testing and certification.

  • Understand PFAS and Total Fluorine and their ecological and health impacts
  • What benefits have North American retailers and QSR operators seen from PFAS Free 100% compostable packaging?
  • What PFAS Free strategies can you implement across your operations today to ensure you are future proofing your organisation?

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