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Systematic Innovation Governance

20 May 2022

This presentation focuses on Systematic Innovation and the differences between short term “tactical” innovation and strategic, long-term innovation management. Systematic Innovation is not a new methodology but rather the integration of a set of processes which work together to optimise the innovation investments made by any business.

The process of Systematic Innovation integrates the business analysis of markets and opportunities with the long-term strategic agenda for the business. 

It defines the white space in which to target ideation efforts as well as the governance processes for effective execution of innovation projects. Join this session for an understanding of:

  • The Systematic Innovation Governance model as a set of best practice innovation management tools to optimise business performance​
  • How to integrate Innovation planning with business strategy and address strategic planning gaps
  • How to create targeted idea campaigns aligned with strategy
  • How to govern and execute projects to deliver the strategy
  • How to review the Innovation portfolio for strategic alignment

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