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Transforming the classic warehouse into a modern connected and coordinated fulfillment centre

19 May 2022

The retail landscape has evolved; the eCommerce transaction of physical goods has grown exponentially and with it the take-up of fulfilment/warehouse automation.  What started with pureplay online retail (eBay, Amazon, Catch…) has spread to omni-channel (Woolworths, Coles, Myer, Cotton On…).  Demands are increasing, number of daily transactions, parcel size of purchased articles, delivery turnaround, resource costs, supply of staff & space etc.  So, the classic warehouse has needed to adapt with better resource allocation, investment in more efficient and effective WMS & TMS systems, order picking & packing technologies. This AUSPACK will focus on Packaging Automation and its place in a modern, connected and coordinated fulfillment centre. Hear about:

  • Enablement of Packaging Automation into fulfillment centres, connected and integrated to WMS & TMS systems
  • Packaging Automation interfaced to batch picked and sorted multi-line orders
  • Market application advances and space saving developments in Packaging Automation

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