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Packaging Modifier to Supplement the 2025 Packaging Targets

17 May 2022

While the 2025 packaging targets are focused on recycling our plastic waste, it will take a considerable change in recycling infrastructure and company operations to get to these recycling levels.  In the meantime, there is still going to be a large amount of plastic going to landfills.

Manufacturing and warehousing businesses around Australia use around five million tonnes of packaging material annually, which end up discarded into landfills and waterways, either by the end consumer or the establishment itself.   

The only way this figure will change is for Australian businesses to seriously take stock of their packaging choices and find more responsible options that will not compromise on the quality and safety of their products but will also minimise the environmental impact.

In this session, Dr Headifen will explore innovative solutions to this challenge and share insights on:

  • Why simply making plastic recyclable is not going to solve our plastic problems
  • How to champion environmental concerns by reducing the impact of everyday plastic waste in landfill
  • If you have to have plastic packaging, how do you avoid its centuries’ long legacy?

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