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23 Nov 2023

EcoMark Natural Branding - Transforming Packaging Norms

Result Group Stand: E030

The packaging industry is on the brink of a groundbreaking transformation with the introduction of EcoMark Natural Branding, an innovative labelling solution that challenges traditional packaging norms. Result Group, in collaboration with global leaders EcoMark and Macsa, has brought this cutting-edge technology to the Australian market.

Natural Branding employs a non-contact, safe laser labelling technique that intricately removes color from the outer layer of fruits and vegetables, acting as a tattoo without the need for additional packaging. This sustainable and cost-effective alternative eliminates the necessity for conventional fruit labels, silicon liners, and ink, providing a plastic-free solution.

The laser technology, initially designed for fresh produce, has proven adaptable for various goods such as bread, biscuits, chocolate, and confectionery. Its ability to mark products without affecting quality or shelf life makes it an ideal choice for marketing promotions and branding, offering a cost-effective solution for both small and large quantities.

The economic advantages of Natural Branding are evident, with a significant reduction in packaging costs compared to traditional methods. By preserving the natural flavour and integrity of fruits and vegetables, this eco-friendly approach minimises environmental impact and offers a compelling solution for conscious consumers.

The technology's versatility extends to coding requirements, including 2D codes, logos, certification marks, shapes, numbers, and text. As a GS1 Australia Strategic Alliance Partner, Result Group foresees vast potential for collaboration on future projects, leveraging the innovative EcoMark technology.

The EcoMark Natural Branding system comprises a product handling system, a 3D camera for precise mapping, laser coders, and software control. Its user-friendly design allows for easy integration into production lines, with the flexibility to handle various products without operator intervention.

With an expanding product line covering a wide array of fruits and vegetables, Natural Branding is not limited to fresh produce. The system's contribution to the environment is noteworthy, offering a sustainable and economically favorable alternative that reduces the carbon footprint associated with traditional packaging methods.

The EcoMark Natural Branding machine, installed in Result Group's Demo room, stands as a testament to the future of eco-friendly labelling. Interested parties are invited to schedule a demonstration session to explore the technology's capabilities and witness firsthand its potential impact on the packaging industry.

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