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FFS Bagging: Speed. Precision. Reliability.

PAYPER Stand: F130

ASSAC U20, PAYPER’s #FFS_bagging machine capable of filling up to 2,600 bags/hour. The ASSAC-U20 is specially designed for #free_flowing products such as #plastic_pellets, #fertilizer prills, etc. Common demands when bagging this kind of products are output capacity, precision and reliability and the U20 meets all three! Modulable: The ASSAC U20 is a flexible bagging solution that can be adapted to different requirements by adding modules such as Automatic roll film change; #ATEX certification; #Anti-corrosion kit; Cleaning system; #Corner_sealing system for optimal bag shape or a Movable platform. Additionally, a #Metal-detector, #Check-weigher or #Ink-printer can be added to the line to customize the entire system for the user.

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