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Galaxy GVC-18000 Steam Cleaner

Steam Australia Stand: F148

The Galaxy GVC-18000 dry steam cleaner is ideal cleaning equipment for food production and manufacturing facilities. The machine makes cleaning and sanitising production and packaging equipment easier, all thanks to its powerful dry steam.

On demand, industrial strength dry steam eliminates soiling, mould, bacteria, viruses and microorganisms. Reduce cleaning time and lower production down time. Clean your facility to the highest level of hygiene available in the cleaning industry. Powerful enough for production lines, yet gentle on machinery and electronics.

Plus, dry steam cleaning provides the benefit of targeted cleaning in dry environments, water sensitive equipment, hard to reach areas, and other challenging applications where traditional dry cleaning methods simply can’t produce the results you need.

The Galaxy GVC-18000 is a mobile cleaning and sanitising solution capable of delivering wet or dry vapour steam on demand in both static and continuous applications. The Galaxy is a large industrial machine with a unique boiler supplying 26.7 litres of dry saturated steam per hour at up to 10 Bar of pressure. With a unique 4 level electronic regulator to give you quality wet steam or detergent injection, for quicker and more efficient cleaning when dry steam isn’t quite enough.

Galaxy Twin Upgrade - Dual Operators Add the optional second steam outlet to allow two operators to clean simultaneously. Further reducing your cleaning times to allow you to get back to production sooner.

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