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Trimatt ColourStar AQ V

Trimatt Systems Stand: F045

The Trimatt ColourStar AQ is an all-in-one, customisable, industrial digital colour printing solution making in-house package printing fast, economic, and profitable.

With the integrated friction feeder, adjustable receiving tray, 100mm+ height adjustable print head, and conveyor, you can have a complete “on demand” short run CMYK digital printing solution with a printing speed of 27 meters per minute.

Using water proof, light fast, and scratch resistant inks, brilliant photo quality prints are produced with ease.

  • Versatility – Prints on a wide range of porous media types.
  • Permanence – HP pigment ink provides durability in fade, scratch, and water resistance.
  • Print Quality – The CMYK ink system produces long-lasting brilliant colours.
  • Proven Reliability – HP’s worldwide recognition for product quality, reliability and service.
  • Ease-Of-Use – Simple, quick ink change minimises downtime.
  • Economical Output – The Fi1000 HP print engine has an efficient ink delivery system providing a low cost-per-print  advantage.

Perfect for printing: Packaging boxes, lunch bags, valved coffee bags, burger packs, lunch trays, pizza boxes, envelopes, sachets, paper bags, kebab sleeves, and many other porous, paper, and cardboard items. Even cotton tote bags.

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