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23 Nov 2023


Result Group Stand: E030

The IQJET does exactly what it‘s supposed to – print non-stop – with absolute reliability and consistently high quality. 5 years with no need for maintenance by design. Just switch it on and go. No need for constant cleaning, no start-up problems and no downtime. 

With IQ. Intelligent technologies that do most of the work for you. Making you more efficient and giving you the confidence that everything is always under control.

With its unique IQPRINT, LEIBINGER has entirely reimagined inkjet technology. The exceptionally robust, reliable system always ensures the best print quality, short start-up times without the need for cleaning, and maximum availability in day-to-day operation.

When not in use, IQPRINT automatically seals the entire ink system 100 % airtight and allows the ink to continue circulating. This prevents the ink from drying and the typical clogging that would otherwise occur. When the IQJET is switched on, it gets back to work immediately.

To ensure consistently high print quality regardless of the ambient conditions, IQPRINT permanently regulates ink temperature and viscosity.The IQJET does exactly what it’s supposed to: print non-stop for your peace of mind.

✅ Sustainability First: Embracing a Greener Future: The Leibinger IQ Jet is a testament to a greener future. With a meticulous focus on sustainability, it sets new standards by minimising waste, reducing energy consumption, and embracing eco-friendly materials.

✅ Innovation in Action: This groundbreaking technology isn't just a promise – it's a reality. The IQ Jet combines innovative design, advanced inks, and precision engineering to deliver stunning results while leaving a lighter footprint.

✅ Vibrant and Responsible: Yes, it's possible to have both! The Leibinger IQ Jet boasts vibrant, high-quality printing that doesn't compromise on sustainability. From packaging to labelling, every printout reflects a commitment to excellence and earth-conscious practices.

✅Smart Efficiency: The IQ Jet isn't just sustainable; it's smart. Equipped with intelligent features, it optimisers resources and adapts to diverse printing needs, making it a versatile choice for forward-thinking businesses.

- Unparalleled cost of ownership as the most economical coding & marking overall concept.
- Up to 50% solvent recovery. Tangible sustainability advantages -no green washing.
- IQ Jet helps you to achieve your sustainability targets. Saving resources with intelligence.
- New XXL cartridges empty down to the last drop and do not require separate disposal.



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