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Meat Industry Day: Panel: From the outside in - How Business can expand into the Red Meat Sector

13 Mar 2024
Seminar Theatre
Meat Industry Day

The red meat processing sector offers incredible opportunities for innovation around packaging and processing – and some of the best ideas have come from businesses in or adjacent to the supply chain, working closely together. In this panel session, we will explore how businesses assess whether their core technology can be adapted to the meat sector and talk about industry R&D partnerships that can help test and commercialise ideas.

Panellists: Stuart Shaw, AMPC; Stuart Hincksman, FPE; James Windsor, Fibre King Pty Ltd

Learn more on Meat Industry Day here.

Stuart Shaw, Program Manager (Advanced Manufacturing) - Australian Meat Processor Corporation
Stuart Hincksman, Business Development Manager - FPE
James Windsor, Chief Executive Officer
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