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18 Jan 2024

2 Clean IBC & Contact Parts Washer

IWT Pharma Stand: D188
  • Engineered to clean IBCs and contact parts from solid, semi-solid, liquid and aseptic manufacturing sites.
  • Modular design in compliance with the most stringent industry standards.
  • Multiple configurations available such as steam or eletrical heating, single or double door.
  • Two different chamber heights (2000mm-78.7” and 2400mm 94.4”) to fit various containers sizes.
  • Variable hydrodynamic control, high washing pressure and water flow tuned around each specific application.
  • HEPA filtered drying system for bin, parts, chamber and piping.
  • Multiple water inlet and chemical dosing systems with flow meter and conductivity control.
  • Single Pass Rinse feature via sterile compressed air booster with final conductivity control.


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