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Automatic In-Line Tray Sealing Machines

JBT Stand: D145

JBT Proseal GT0e Tray Sealing Machine

An automatic, medium-capacity, in-line tray sealing system with full vacuum facility designed to cut labour costs.

At the core of the 'e' design is its flexibility to perform any style of heat seal to a pre-formed tray, be that atmospheric, MAP, VMAP, Skin,Skin Plus, or Skin Deep. Each of these options can be added now or at a later date, or indeed removed as necessary. This flexibility provides the user with the assurance that whatever the latest packaging trend might be, they have equipment suitably geared for the future.

Capable of producing up to 36 Vacuum/Gas packs per minute with a 3 imression tool, the GT0e system is packed with user-friendly benefits including our unique ProMotion modular conveyor system.

Designed to accept randomly spaced trays from any conveyor and can be fully integrated with other line equipment. 


  • Bakers Equipment
  • Canning Equipment
  • Fill And Seal Machines
  • Filling Machines
  • Form Fill And Seal Machines
  • Gas Flushing Equipment
  • Inspection Machines
  • Lidding Machines
  • Metal Detecting Machines
  • Tray Form Fill And Seal Machines
  • Tray Loaders
  • Tray Sealing
  • Vacuum Packaging Machines
  • Bakery Equipment
  • Coating Machines
  • Cookers
  • Dairy Processing Equipment
  • Filtration Machines
  • Fish Processing Machines
  • Food Processing Machines
  • Fruit Processing Machines
  • Frying Machines
  • Homogenising Machines
  • Meat Processing Machines for Emulsifiers
  • Metal Detection Equipment
  • Pasteurisers
  • Pharmaceutical Processing Machines
  • Poultry Processing Machines
  • Refrigeration Equipment
  • Salad Preparation
  • Sausage Filling Machines
  • Slicers And Dicers
  • Smoking And Cooking Systems
  • Vegetable Processing Machines
  • Washing Machines
  • Waste Treatment
  • Xray Inspection Systems
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