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Can filler Innofill Can C

KHS Pacific Stand: E144

With its high-quality technology on a small scale our filler for 0.2- to 1.0-liter cans is convincing. Thanks to our patented purging process this compact system has an extremely low CO2 consumption. The computer-controlled, volumetric filling system provides maximum dimensional accuracy: it ensures uniform filling levels and also that headspaces of exactly the same size are created in the cans. The hygienic design of the can filler Innofill Can C is also innovative, this safeguarded by the gapless bell guide with PTFE expansion joints (Teflon) and bells which are lifted and positioned fully electropneumatically to seal the cans. The beverage to be canned is supplied to the filling stations by a rotary distributor, thus saving space in the filler carousel. This makes the machine especially easy to access for maintenance and enhances hygiene.

The machine enables the filling of mixed alcoholic beverages, beer and csd.


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