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Foldable Bins (FBs)

CHEP Stand: G176

CHEP’s Foldable Bins (FBs)  are available in three different bin types, including a bin with a fold down half gate and a half bin. FB's are efficient, safe and hygienic to use for handling ingredients for food processing, and provide a durable, environmentally friendly alternative to using cardboard.

Features and Benefits

  • Manufactured using a high quality plastic injection moulding process with food grade plastic
  • Venting on base and side panels ensures protection of produce whilst providing heightened air flow
  • Fast and easy assembly 
  • Light weight with foldable sides; 3-into-1 fold down ratio increasing transport load efficiencies
  • Easy to clean and impervious to moisture for higher hygiene standards
  • Compatible with automated bin tippers
  • Racking locators ensure stability when racked 
  • Easily stackable when loaded or folded improving storage efficiency

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