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GAI 2135X TOP automatic Rinser/Deaerator/Filler/Capper Bivolver monobloc

Wine Industry Services Stand: D150

GAI 2135X TOP automatic Rinser/Deaerator/Filler/Capper Bivolver monobloc
Output: max. 3,000 bottles/hr on cork, 2,500 bottles/hr on screw cap, 2,000 bottles/hr on Stelvin Lux
New machine
Year of manufacture: Oct 2023

Monobloc features:
• Rinser , 10 grippers for double treatment (e.g. air+N2)
• Low vacuum Filling ,12 filling valves
• Fill level adjustement from 30 to 90mm from top of mouth
• Bivolver capping turret for 3 closure types:
1) aluminium screw cap BVS 30x60mm
2) natural/synthetic cork
3) predisposed for Stelvin Lux cap in the future
• Ability for inert gas injection of headspace before capping
• Centralized dummy bottles with manual positioning for filler sterilization
• Operator 12” touch screen
• Automatic turret heights adjustment for bottle formats memory
• Filler tank with level probe 4 - 20mA signal control with a product pump inverter
• Adjustable star wheels, round/conical bottles with diameter from 60 to 110 mm
• Mechanical elevator for screw caps


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