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06 Feb 2024

Heat Seal Tester GBB-A1

Hylec Controls Stand: E200

Hylec Controls' Heat Seal Tester GBB-A1

Evaluates the heat seal temperature range, heat seal strength, suitable heat seal speed & heat seal pressure for a diverse range of materials such as plastic film base material, flexible packaging composite film, coated paper & aluminum foil. This advanced tester is instrumental in quality control across various industries including plastic film manufacturing, food & drug production, as well as for scientific research and teaching experiments conducted by testing institutions and schools.


  1. Independent Temperature Control Upper and lower heat seal bars boast independent temperature control

  2. Pneumatic Drive Utilises compressed air for efficient and reliable pneumatic drive

  3. Customisable Heat Seal Bar Allows customisation of size, shape, and smoothness of the heat seal bar

  4. Digital P.I.D. Temperature Control The equipment adopts digital P.I.D. temperature control


  • Packaging Machinery
  • Bespoke Machinery Or Machine Development
  • Controlled Atmosphere Packaging Equipment
  • Drying Machines
  • Gas Analysers
  • Materials Testing
  • Package Testing
  • Sealing Machines
  • Testing Equipment
  • Processing Machinery
  • Gas Analysers
  • Dust Control Equipment
  • Refrigeration Equipment
  • Sample Collecting & Testing Systems
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