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13 Nov 2023

Heavy-Duty Modular Single and double Cartridge Seal

Chesterton Stand: A122

1810 Heavy-Duty Modular Single Cartridge Seal

This Chesterton® single cartridge seal offers you the ultimate in  seal quality, flexibility, and convenience.

A plant-wide sealing solution, the 1810 is effective for both simple and highly demanding applications. It offers selectable features around a common gland housing. This flexibility allows for the creation of the best sealing parameters for your equipment and application needs to maximize single seal reliability.

1NSF version available upon request.

2810 Heavy-Duty Modular Double Cartridge Seal

This Chesterton® double cartridge seal offers you the ultimate in seal quality, flexibility, and emissions control. 

A plant-wide sealing solution, the 2810 uses a geometric double​-balanced seal face design. An optimized barrier/buffer channel for enhanced fluid flow provides greater seal reliability even at elevated temperatures.


  • Closing/Sealing Accessories
  • Protective Gases Sealing Materials
  • Machine Parts, Components, Accessories
  • Applicators
  • Agitators
  • Mixers (With And Without Vessels)
  • Pumps
  • Engineering Design
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