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High-bay automated warehouse

E80 Stand: E162

E80 Group has developed two types of automated warehouse: AVS/RS SmartStore and AS/RS CraneStore. These solutions guarantee customization: we implement turnkey solutions within greenfield and brownfield plants taking into account number of SKUs to be stored and handled simultaneously; reliability: an efficient client consultancy service, integrated with discrete-event simulation software, allows different solutions to be compared beforehand, verifying their functionality, and ensuring maximum process optimization, with high result reliability; integration: a single software platform, SM.I.LE80, supervises warehousing systems, peripheral infeed/outfeed systems and LGVs/AGVs, ensuring maximum performance and flexibility; energy efficiency: energy saving achieved by exploiting the integrated regenerative features of the stacker crane drives and the lithium-ion batteries powering the satellites; safety: provided with safety systems for independent access to the various levels.

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