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Innopal RS3 palletizing robot

KHS Pacific Stand: E144

The Innopal RS3 multiple-station palletizing robot gives you flexible and accomplished support in a working range of up to 180°. Its endless range of possible variations and applications knows virtually no bounds. When processing non-returnable packaging the palletizing robot is fitted with a roller cage, for example, whereas gripper heads are used with returnable packaging. It is outstandingly suitable for processing high-wall and low-wall plastic crates, kegs, slim kegs, barrels, cartons, trays (with and without film), shrink packs, individual packets and bags.


  • Closing/Sealing Accessories
  • Closures/Closing Means
  • Machine Parts, Components, Accessories
  • Packaging Machinery
  • Adhesive Equipment
  • Aerosol Equipment
  • Applicators
  • Aseptic Packaging Machines
  • Assembly Machines For Component Parts
  • Packaging Materials and Means
  • Processing Machinery
  • Engineering Design
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