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19 Jan 2024

Peco InspX Scantrac Solo X-Ray System

HBM Packaging Technologies Stand: G085

The Scantrac Solo is the industry’s top performing, highest speed contactless rigid container inspection solution on the market.

Offering advanced side view X-ray inspection, the Solo is specially designed for the inspection of rigid containers (e.g. metal and composite cans, plastic containers, glass and boxes).

The Solo mounts over the customer’s existing conveyor offering completely non-contact inspection at linear speeds up to 233 metres or 2,000 containers per minute.

Detectable contaminants include bones, stones, metal shavings/pieces, rubber, glass and dense plastics.

All Shield models are available with an IP69 rating and are able to operate in coolroom conditions.

Support is provided via an on-line 24/7 remote monitoring system and an optional unique Cloud-based image storage system which offers tracking and retrieval capability for all images.


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