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PERIPRO® Peristaltic Pumps

NETZSCH Stand: D189

The lasted product added to our Hygienic Pump Range. Easy cleaning processes with maximum efficiency at the same time. Pump enables contamination-free conveying in the food industry as well as effortless cleaning. With its innovative design reduce energy consumption by 30% and  longer service life of the hose. Pump is CIP capable and hose is made of food-safe FDA certified material. Suitable for the uncomplicated pumping of juices or wine and also abrasive media with the highest dosing accuracy.


  • Dosing Machines
  • Emptying Machines
  • Dosing Machines
  • Emptying Machines
  • Chemical Processing Machines
  • Chocolate Processing Machines
  • Confectionary Processing Machines
  • Cosmetic Processing Machines
  • Dairy Processing Equipment
  • Fish Processing Machines
  • Food Processing Machines
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  • Pharmaceutical Processing Machines
  • Plant Water Treatment
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  • Waste Treatment
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