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PFM-3 Single Head Filler

Packserv Australia Stand: E100

Our PFM-3 single head filler features a robust and reliable design setting the industry standard in the market for semi-automatic benchtop fillers.

The valve system of the PFM-3 handles all types of products from thin liquids to creams and thick pastes as well as hot and cold filling; a special valve is also available for hot fill applications (i.e. >65°C). This filling machine will even package products with suspended solids; a task that previously required two different types of filling machines or expensive change parts.

*Rent: Brand and model may vary. The machine will be identical in function.

The cylinder design of the Single Head BUF Filler enables quicker dismantling and easier, more thorough cleaning of wet parts. A number of product supply methods can be used to suit the nature of the products or our customers needs – examples include hoppers and inlet assemblies.


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