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Matcon Pilot Scale Blender

Matcon Stand: D176

The Pilot Scale Blender is a revolutionary tool for business innovators, engineering professionals, and R&D departments seeking to validate their powder formula concepts. Designed by Matcon's team of powder-handling specialists, this blender offers a compact yet potent mixing solution for low-volume batches, delivering precise and reliable results.

This state-of-the-art blender comes with a high-shear mixing feature, elevating the efficiency and quality of your recipes. The seamless scalability ensures consistent product quality, reflecting the same design principles that Matcon’s full-scale production equipment adheres to.

The Pilot Scale Blender comes with the IBCs available in 100L and 200L volumes. Each IBC is equipped with a Matcon Manual Cone Valve, ensuring mass-flow discharge of powders during the blending process. This sophisticated system guarantees the preservation of your blended powders' quality and integrity.


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  • Ibcs (Intermediate Bulk Containers)
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