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Proseal Semi-Automatic Tray Sealing Machines

JBT Stand: D145

JBT PROSEAL GTR Tray Sealing Machine

Semi-automatic, two-station, rotary-table, tray sealing machine.

Capable of sealing up to 30 'Atomospheric' packs per minute with a 2-impression tool, the semi-automatic, ultra-reliable GTR machine is the workhorse of numerous industry segments of food production around the world and has become the benchmark for quality semi-automatic tray sealing equipment.

The GTR's user friendly design includes an integrated HMI and quick-release tooling, which allows the user to change from one tray size to another in less than two minutes. The machine itself is fully portable with an automatic film-feed and is available with optional 'free-flow' gas flush, Modified Atmosphere Packaging (MAP) to enable extended shelf life.



  • Bakers Equipment
  • Canning Equipment
  • Fill And Seal Machines
  • Filling Machines
  • Form Fill And Seal Machines
  • Gas Flushing Equipment
  • Inspection Machines
  • Lidding Machines
  • Metal Detecting Machines
  • Tray Form Fill And Seal Machines
  • Tray Loaders
  • Tray Sealing
  • Vacuum Packaging Machines
  • Bakery Equipment
  • Coating Machines
  • Cookers
  • Dairy Processing Equipment
  • Filtration Machines
  • Fish Processing Machines
  • Food Processing Machines
  • Fruit Processing Machines
  • Frying Machines
  • Homogenising Machines
  • Meat Processing Machines for Emulsifiers
  • Metal Detection Equipment
  • Pasteurisers
  • Pharmaceutical Processing Machines
  • Poultry Processing Machines
  • Refrigeration Equipment
  • Salad Preparation
  • Sausage Filling Machines
  • Slicers And Dicers
  • Smoking And Cooking Systems
  • Vegetable Processing Machines
  • Washing Machines
  • Waste Treatment
  • Xray Inspection Systems
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