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PST-8 Sorting Table

Packserv Australia Stand: E100

Our PST-8 Sorting Table is designed to reduce the number of operators required to load and pack off from an automatic line. Containers can be randomly placed on the PST-8 sorting table where they are automatically fed to the conveyor for filling, capping or labelling.

This table features a robust and durable 316 stainless steel design to ensure an endurable product requiring minimal maintenance. This table features levelling jacks and rubber feet to ensure the correct height is applicable for any line. Additionally, the frame is atop of lockable castors/wheels to ensure simple installation onto any line. The 1200mm HDPE table will cater to a large number of containers minimising operator input.

The sorting table features an transfer belt to assist with containers moving in a stable and consistent fashion onto the adjoining conveyor. This machine is designed to be either inline or side-mounted onto our range of conveyors to adapt to whatever room dimensions you may be working with.


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