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PTO-9-T Trolley Mounted Take Off Transfer Belts

Packserv Australia Stand: E100

Introducing our PTO-9 Trolley Mounted Take Off/Transfer Belts, a valuable addition to any production line. These versatile belts play a pivotal role in batch coding and ink jet printing on containers as they reach the end of the production line, eliminating the need to halt operations for these processes.

Not only do these transfer belts facilitate seamless batch coding, but they also excel in moving unstable containers across bridges or gaps between motion devices. They can securely hold containers in place during labeling and other processes, ensuring smooth workflow.

With a length of 500mm, our Take Off/Transfer Belts are specifically designed for transporting round, stable, or unstable items on a production line. The trolley they are mounted on offers easy vertical and horizontal adjustments, catering to various conveyor systems and container types. 



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