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PTP-7 Trigger Pack Head

Packserv Australia Stand: E100

The Packserv PTP-7 Trigger Pack Head is an accessory for our suite of cap tightening machines. This machine allows for the tightening of all trigger, spray, cream dispenser pumps and other types of closures. Furthermore, the Trigger Pack is the preferred solution for caps that cannot be tightened by standard overhead tightening chucks.

Our PTP-7 Trigger Pack Head is designed for throughputs of up to 60 units per minute. The PTP-7 Trigger Pack can be mounted on our full suite of standard cap tightening machines. The same pack fits both automatic and semi-automatic (bench model) machines.

Attachment is via 2 screws and 3 quick connect air fittings which is all that’s required for you to change your Packserv cap tightening machine from a standard overhead chuck operation to PTP-7 Trigger Pack operation and back again in just a few minutes. The compact design allows for convenient storage when not in use.


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