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Pumptite Unit for Trigger & Pump pack Tightening

ASSET Packaging Machines Stand: E168

Our Pumptite Unit is suitable to fit, as an additional option, onto both our semi-automatic and automatic AC models. The Pumptite can either be purchased with the initial machine configuration, or as an optional retrofit to your existing machine. The versatility of the Pumptite Unit enables you to easily interchange between standard cap tightening with the AC, and non-standard cap tightening with the Pumptite Unit.

Our Pumptite Unit has an industry-proven reputation for reliability, ease of setup, with a choice of tightening wheels. The versatility of this unit is enhanced by its interchangeable components such as tightening wheel size and material, and jaws to grip the container. The tightening wheels can be changed over, without tools, in around 2 minutes. This unit integrates with the AC adjustable height size, time delays, and torque settings enabling you to continue to meet the requirements of your products’ capping needs.

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