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RA 0520

Busch Stand: C135

The new rotary vane vacuum pump R5 RA 0520 A from Busch increases energy savings by up to 25%. It features a compact and hygienic design, reduced heat emissions, and enables faster and easier maintenance. The optional ECOTORQUE variable speed drive provides up to 50% additional energy savings and a 20% increase in pumping speed. 

The new vacuum pump is made for continuous operation in the rough vacuum range with vacuum levels down to 0.1 hPa (mbar). Field tests were successfully carried out to validate performance and reliability.

The R5 RA 0520 A and the R5 RA 0520 A ECOTORQUE set a new standard in vacuum technology. The pumps are suitable for various applications in food vacuum packaging. They are an excellent choice for companies looking to improve their processes while minimizing energy costs and reducing their environmental impact.


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