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23 Jan 2024

Side Seal Shrink Wrapping

Minipack International Pty Ltd Stand: A170

The flexibility of a 3-belt side sealing machine and the possibility of working with flat or mono-folding film. For tighter packing and considerable end results.

3-belt, side sealer packaging machine. Compact and simple (500 version with built-in tunnel: 3 m x 1.2 m)
Highly flexible, it covers an increasingly extensive range of packaged products: cosmetics, pharmaceutical, plastics, food.
Suitable for single product packaging or multipack products manually or automatically loaded, if necessary also grouped with additional systems designed and manufactured by us (stackers, multipack formers, diverters, etc.).
Huge savings in film and energy thanks to the possibility of producing an increasing tight pack.
An extraordinarily accessible structure, allowing work from both sides, 3-position operator station thanks to the rotating touch screen.
Excellent design for maintenance and cleaning. Available in a painted and stainless steel version.


  • Packaging
  • Primary Packaging
  • Stand-Up Pouch
  • Packaging Machinery
  • Bag Filling
  • Bag Opening Machines
  • Bag-In-Box Equipment
  • Bakers Equipment
  • Blister Packing Equipment
  • Capping Machines
  • Cartoning Machines
  • Case Closing Machines (Corrugated Board)
  • Case Erecting Machines (Corrugated Board)
  • Case Form Fill And Seal Machines (Corrugated Board)
  • Case Loading Machines (Corrugated Board)
  • Case Making Machines
  • CD/DVD/Video Packaging
  • Checkweighers
  • Conveyors
  • Depalletisers
  • Fill And Seal Machines
  • Filling Machines
  • Form Fill And Seal Machines
  • Heat Sealing Machines
  • L-Sealers
  • Labelling Machines
  • Lidding Machines
  • Overwrapping Machines
  • Pallet Inverting Machines
  • Pallet Shrink Wrapping Machines
  • Pallet Stacking Machines
  • Pallet Stretch Wrapping Machines
  • Palletising Machines
  • Pick And Place Machines
  • Robots
  • Sealing Machines
  • Second Hand Equipment
  • Shrink Tunnels
  • Shrink Wrapping Machines
  • Skin Packing Machines
  • Stretch Wapping Machines
  • Thermoform Fill And Seal Machines
  • Thermoforming Machines
  • Tray Sealing
  • Unscrambling Machines
  • Vacuum Equipment & Components
  • Vacuum Forming Machines
  • Vacuum Packaging Machines
  • Vertical Elevators
  • Vibratory Bowl Feeders
  • Weighing Machines
  • Wrapping Machines
  • Packaging Materials and Means
  • Biodegradable / Compostable Packaging
  • Rigid Packaging
  • Recycled Packaging
  • Recyclable Packaging
  • Other Packagings
  • Paper
  • Plastic (Pallets And Films)
  • Processing Machinery
  • Filling Machines
  • Confectionary Processing Machines
  • Cosmetic Processing Machines
  • Plant Weighing Equipment
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