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16 Nov 2023

simPAL Robotic Palletiser

Australis Engineering Stand: B060

The genius of simPAL®

At its core, simPAL® is a robotic palletiser. However the elegance of simPAL is the combination of smart software and hardware to create a highly flexible, modular robotic palletising solution. The success of our system revolves around the use of pre-engineered and pre-wired base Tiles that can be combined in different configurations. As production needs change, the same system can be reconfigured or extended.

simPAL® – Modular Palletising

  • 10 different pre-wired modules - connectable and configurable for different layouts
  • Integrated, proprietary software with an Automatic Pallet Generator
  • HMI touchscreen
  • IIOT connected
  • Grippers to suit many product types
  • Robot capacities from 110kg to 450kg

Integrated Palletising Systems

Our smart thinking solves the complexities of synchronising product picking, pallet handling and robot operations which is crucial to ensuring your palletiser achieves its maximum return on investment and a good reason to choose Australis.


  • Packaging Machinery
  • Assembly Machines For Component Parts
  • Bespoke Machinery Or Machine Development
  • Box Making Machines
  • Cartoning Machines
  • Case Making Machines
  • Complete Automation Systems
  • Conveyors
  • Cooling Machines
  • Counting Machines
  • Crate Packing Equipment
  • Depalletisers
  • Depositors
  • End Of Line Bagging Systems
  • Fill And Seal Machines
  • Filling Machines
  • Guards (Safety)
  • Handling Machinery
  • Inspection Machines
  • Pallet Inverting Machines
  • Pallet Lifter
  • Pallet Stacking Machines
  • Pallet Stretch Wrapping Machines
  • Pallet Transfer Machines
  • Palletising Machines
  • Pick And Place Machines
  • Robots
  • Stretch Wapping Machines
  • Tablet Counting Machines
  • Tray Erectors
  • Tray Stackers
  • Vertical Elevators
  • Vision Systems
  • Vision Systems Integrators
  • Wrapping Machines
  • Inspection Systems
  • Bespoke Machinery or Machine Development
  • Canning Equipment
  • Filling Machines
  • Bakery Equipment
  • Chemical Processing Machines
  • Chocolate Processing Machines
  • Control & Instrumentation Conveyors
  • Cosmetic Processing Machines
  • Dairy Processing Equipment
  • Depositing Machines
  • Elevators
  • Ethnic Food Processing Machines
  • Explosion Protection Equipment
  • Fish Processing Machines
  • Food Processing Machines
  • Fruit Processing Machines
  • Personal Care Products
  • Pharmaceutical Processing Machines
  • Poultry Processing Machines
  • Process Control Systems
  • Stainless Steel Cabinets
  • Toiletry Processing Machines
  • Vegetable Processing Machines
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